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Cross Draw began because I was looking for a holster for my Tarsus PT 111 PRO. I ended up buying an over priced, bulky, ill fitting nylon holster. There were just no other options. I took it on myself to make my own custom holster and found that I was pretty good at it. What's more I enjoyed doing it.

There is no Shopping Cart, so you can't just order a holster. If you want a holster I need to talk to you. There is no inventory of holsters ready to go. Each holster is unique. Each holster is custom made to meet YOUR needs, so there are many things I need to find out.
Each Holster requires a mold. I have several Blueguns, but I may not have yours. If not I have to order it. A Bluegun order generally takes 10-20 working days. So what I'm saying is this takes time and patience. Your holster will be worth the wait.

"Each holster is unique." The holster you purchase will be very "personal" and in many cases become a part of you. If it takes longer to get the holster right... it takes longer.
Please look around and if you see something you like or have any questions send an email to:

Email Failure :(

Sometime on 01/08/2014 our primary email client failed. We have changed the email client and all is working as intended. If you have requested information or placed an order in the last week PLEASE resend that request. Your business is the reason we are here. We NEVER ignore your correspondence. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Ed "Doc" & Sherri Moffatt


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